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What Particular Concerns Are There When Divorcing Near or After Retirement?
What Particular Concerns Are There When Divorcing Near or After Retirement?

Ending a marriage after being legally married for ten, twenty, or even fifty years has direct impacts on more than deciding how to divide up marital property and the marital home. If you are contemplating ending a marriage and are nearing retirement or are already retired, a ...

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Blog Posts in 2017

  • What to Look for When Hiring a Lawyer for a Highly Contested Divorce

    Getting a divorce in New York requires not only knowing what to look for in a lawyer but also understanding how to navigate certain situations, such ...

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  • What Is a Divorce Business Valuation Expert?

    A divorce business valuation expert is a professional used in divorce proceedings to help establish values for a business owned by the divorcing ...

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  • Is Legal Separation the Best Option for You?

    Couples have two options when their marriage dissolves: divorce and legal separation. Either can be beneficial, depending on the circumstances for the ...

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  • Social Media Don'ts During a Divorce

    Divorce is a tough time for both involved and emotions are high. Although it certainly can be smooth sailing when each party agrees with the other, ...

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  • New York Child Support: What Is Covered and What Isn't?

    Whether your separation is amicable or not, a divorce can be a complicated undertaking for all parties-particularly when children are involved. ...

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  • What Is a No Fault Divorce?

    The dissolution of a marriage is never a pleasant undertaking, regardless of the circumstances. Even the most amicable divorce proceedings often ...

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  • Divorce Mediation vs. Litigation in New York: What's Right for You?

    Divorce is never easy, especially when there are complex financial arrangements such as properties, investments, business ownerships, and trust funds ...

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  • Child Custody and High-Net-Worth Divorces in New York

    Entering into a divorce where children are involved will require facing the decision about child custody. Those involved in child custody cases must ...

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  • How New York Courts Divide Assets and Debts During a Divorce

    Divorce means much more than a couple parting ways. You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse share much of your possessions- from the lamp in your living ...

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