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Accusations of child abuse and neglect are very serious issues in family law cases, especially as they impact child custody and visitation in pending divorces, post-divorce situations, and between unmarried parents. You may be a parent who needs to ensure your child is protected from abusive or negligent behavior or a parent who has been accused of such behavior. Accusations may be founded or unfounded based on ulterior motives in gaining an upper hand in custody hearings. Either way, if you are alleging or defending against such accusations, you will need the counsel of a competent and resourceful family attorney.

At Montefusco Law Group, Attorneys at Law, you can turn to a legal team backed by two decades of experience in resolving family law issues, such as divorce and child custody. Having one of our well-respected team in your corner is critical. You will want to fully grasp your legal situation, how New York laws relate to it, and how best to move forward towards an optimal resolution. Our team brings extensive knowledge, resources, and skills to your case and will do everything possible to safeguard your child’s safety and wellbeing as well as your parental rights.

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What Is Child Abuse or Neglect in New York?

According to the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) child abuse or neglect in New York consists of “the act, or failure to act, by any parent or caretaker that results in the death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse, or exploitation of a child under the age of 18.”

This can include a variety of actions or omissions in the care of children including but not limited to:

  • Failing to provide proper food, clothing, shelter, or medical care
  • Using excessive punishment
  • Leaving children who cannot care for themselves properly alone or unsupervised or with someone else unqualified to care for them
  • Exposing a child to domestic violence
  • Exposing a child to drug crimes or giving them drugs
  • Abusing a child through humiliation, verbal attacks, fear, or excessive criticism
  • Failing to provide for a child’s educational needs
  • Allowing someone else to physically injure a child or put the child in harm’s way
  • Engaging in any kind of sexual activity with a child or exposing them to such activity

Child abuse and neglect can result in denial of parental custody or any kind of visitation for the implicated individual as well as domestic violence criminal charges, court-ordered protective orders (restraining orders), or child endangerment criminal charges. When child abuse or neglect accusations are made, New York agencies in charge of protecting children such as the ACS may begin investigating the matter to determine the facts and to ensure the safety of the child. Where both parents are implicated, it may lead to the child being removed from the home.

Get the Help of a Suffolk County Abuse & Neglect Attorney

The above are all serious consequences connected to child abuse and neglect. If you are a parent who believes your child has been subjected to such wrongful behavior, you can turn to our firm for immediate legal help. Alternatively, if you have been wrongfully accused of such behavior, we can work to help you retain or pursue your parental rights. Our firm is dedicated to providing you with competent and supportive representation in such a critical matter.

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