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Helpful Suggestions For Handling Your Divorce: Part III

Never use children as pawns or go-betweens

Family Court IS full of children from so-called broken homes charged with juvenile offenses ranging from using drugs to burglary and truancy. A child in a broken home situation needs to have the security and the knowledge that both parents love them. For a greater explanation of the thoughts that go on in a child's mind, I suggest you read, The Boys and Girls Book About Divorce, by Dr. Richard Gardner.

Keep in mind that the "custodial or residential parent" should encourage visitation between the non-custodial and non-residential parents and the child or children.

Under no circumstances, should either parent discuss or expose the children to financial problems which exist as a result of one spouse's failure to pay adequate support.

Neither parent should, at any time, speak ill of the other parent in the presence of their child or children or permit anyone else to do so.

There are a number of other excellent books which are designed to assist the respective parents in copying with the fears that children of all ages go through when their parents separate and divorce. I welcome any opportunity to discuss these issues with you or recommend action or supplemental reading material to you.

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