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Our divorce attorneys work together for the best possible solution tailored to your family circumstances. With experience in child custody issues, maintenance concerns, property distribution, and litigation, you can be assured in complete divorce representation from start to finish.

Prior to October 2010, all divorces filed in New York State were legally required to be based upon specific grounds for divorce. These specified grounds for divorce included abandonment, adultery, imprisonment, conversion, and cruel treatment.

No Fault Divorce

In October 2010, a new ground for divorce became effective. This additional ground is referred to as the “No-Fault” ground. A divorce based on “No-Fault” grounds permits a divorce if a spouse states that the relationship between spouses has been irretrievably broken down for a period of at least six months.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Robert H. Montefusco, P.C. understand how to reach a fair resolution for our clients through skilled negotiations. Many of our cases end in settlement, by way of written divorce agreements, thus avoiding lengthy and tiresome courtroom litigation. The divorce agreements include the agreed upon resolution of any issues of the marriage, including custody, visitation, support, and property distribution. However, our firm recognizes that not all spouses are in a position to consider negotiations and must initiate a court action. As such, our experienced divorce attorneys are prepared to aggressively represent your best interests should your case require a trial.

Because disagreements regarding equitable distribution of marital property, maintenance, child custody, support, and visitation often arise when a couple decides to divorce, securing a skilled matrimonial law attorney can help you develop an optimal strategy for resolving your dispute. Contact the Law Office of Robert H. Montefusco, P.C. to learn more.