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I never thought that I would ever need a Matrimonial Attorney. I had what was thought to be a great marriage. A loving wife, 2 great kids, a fantastic job. A good life! The story I am about to tell you speaks of Robert Montefusco’s professionalism, his character , his compassion and the empathy he displayed to me during the most tumultuous time of my life. After 27 years of marriage my wife went through a change of life and decided she no longer wanted to be married. She created a divide with my sons and during the same time I was diagnosed with a life threating illness. All this while holding an executive level position in a very complex and stressful industry. The pressure of all of this was more than I could handle. No matter how hard I tried to resolve any issues with the marriage things just kept getting worse. I couldn’t go on like this any further. A very close friend who was an attorney highly recommended that I speak with Robert. At the first consultation with Robert and his assistant Maureen their only concern was my health. His empathetic concern for my wellbeing really showed how human he was. It wasn’t until two months after I was released from the hospital that I elected to engage Robert to represent me and file for divorce.

Although I am not an attorney, I deal with a lot of contact, intellectual capital and real-estate attorneys regularly and I’m a pretty good judge of character. Robert’s representation of me was outstanding! My former wife went through three attorneys running up and enormous bill on her side seeking the most unreasonable and outlandish request you could think of. Robert’s words to me was “always wear the white hat”. Maintain your integrity and credibility at all times. This goes to his character and sense of fairness. Although he is compassionate and empathetic it cannot be confused for tenacity and resilience in the courtroom. Robert is not a stranger to arguing a motion. An added benefit that helped with my selection of Robert was his prior background as a Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney. His reputation and his sense of fair sensible play are definitely known by his colleagues and the Judges he stands before. Roberts Assistant Maureen and his Associate Megan are an extension of himself unifying his practice. I wouldn’t want to see anyone have to endure what I did. Going through what I went through with another attorney I don’t believe would have had the same outcome. I highly recommend Robert and his team.

Robert D.

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Professional & Thoughtful

My experiences with Robert have always been top notch. Not only did he have complete knowledge of the law regarding my case, and conducted himself professionally, he also had compassion for my situation and acted thoughtfully. Hopefully you will never have an experience like mine, but if you did I would highly recommend Robert. Retain him as your attorney, you will be very happy you did.


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Saved our grandchild from the system

As grandparents of a small child, 4 at the time, we were quite dismayed to learn about addiction issues with both parents. In our initial consultation, Robert discussed in detail the complexities of securing custody from the natural parents. He explained what was necessary, and made no promises about success. He possesses a full understanding of how the system works and what can and cannot be accomplished. As we proceeded ahead, an additional incident occurred which opened the door to custody. He immediately took action and appeared with us in court. He convinced the boy’s parents’ attorneys to give up custody to us. The court awarded us custody and the child never entered the foster care system. What was most impressive, was his caring, both for the child and us, the grandparents.

Today, the child is much happier, and both parents are on the way to recovery. He also appeared a second time to secure support payments from the boy’s father. We will always be very grateful.


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Strongly recommended attorney

Robert proved to be a very knowledgeable, professional and meticulous attorney while handling my divorce. He made sure the custody agreement I sought after was received and his guidance through a tough time in life was unparalleled. He is open, honest and will not provide false promises. I am very grateful I had him there to handle my case. In the end I felt my agreement was very fair and better than I expected. I would not have received that result without Robert working with me.

His office staff was also an absolute pleasure to work with. They were exceptional in making sure conversations and milestones were communicated to me as well as very thorough in the handling of paperwork, agreement and the decree.

I would strongly recommend Mr. Montefusco for your legal needs.


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Grateful for my attorney’s expertise and care in my case

I had met my attorney, Mr. Robert Montefusco sometime back in 2006. He had represented me through a very rough and long lasting case in which opposition had gone through 3 different attorneys. I am grateful for all the hard work and efforts he and his assistant, Ms Maureen Furlan, and others,who worked closely as one with me throughout my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Montefusco to anyone who want excellent and qualified representation in their case.


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HIGHLY Recommended Attorney

Attorney Montefusco is absolutely the best – – Period. His knowledge and will to provide the best services possible are second to none. Me being a single father, Robert has successfully fought for mine and my daughter’s best interests on many occasions. Most importantly to me, Robert has given his personal attention to every aspect of the cases we have worked on together and has never once made me feel like “just a client”. Although any dealings with the Courts are an uncomfortable process for me, I always feel an insurmountable sense of confidence when Robert is by my side. It’s truly a privilege to be represented by an attorney I feel is the best and I never worry when Robert’s by my side. I highly recommend Attorney Montefusco.


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Thanks from our hearts. You were there when we felt our world was torn apart. You helped mend it. We’ll never forget you for that.

Albert C.

Thanks to you, my family will have a very merry Christmas.

John R.

Thanks for going to battle for me.

Richard S.

Thank you so much. My knight in shining armor. I know I have been like Fiona when she was an Ogre.

Lynn M.

I just wanted you to know that Maureen is amazing and helped me in a time of panic… I do not believe in coincidences and I believe she was an angel that day sent to help me. You are so knowledgeable and took so much time with me… for that I am so thankful!!!! Sitting with you helped me gather my thoughts and helped me see things clearer, and I felt even more courage to fight this fight toward freedom… a freedom indescribable.

So Robert, I want you to know you are a blessing! AND THANK YOU!!!


Dina D.

When you told me not to worry you would fight for me I REALLY felt that in your words. It was very comforting to me. You probably don’t even realize the impact & relief those words had on me… Thank you for helping to give me peace of mind,

Judy B.

My Review

Mr. Montefusco sat down with me for an initial consultation and told me what he would do for me. It all came true and I was very happy and relieved when it was all over. My case was a divorce of a marriage of just over two years. I made the mistake and he took care of the rest. He works very hard and it was many times on a weekend that I passed his office and the lights were on. I met him once on a Sunday afternoon to go over my case. I’ve already recommended him twice to people I know.


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Awesome Job

Robert worked with me to help me reach a divorce settlement that was fair and honest. With Robert’s talent and experience, we never had to go to court. Besides settling my divorce, he was a good friend in guiding and helping me get through the rough times. His staff was excellent and they would always have some time to listen to me. I would definitely recommend Robert Montefusco. Thanks for all that you did for me.


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Professional experience

Excellent advice. All matters handled in a timely matter. All details taken care of, no loose ends. Excellent office staff. I had an exceptional experience during a very difficult time.


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I could been happier or more satisfied with Mr montifusco performance. He fought for me every step of the way. His passion for his work is unparalleled.


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The best

Robert was very professional. He was there for me when I was unsure. He was there for me as my lawyer and as a friend. He explains everything in detail. His office personal was unbelievable. They were very aware of my case in the court room and out of court room on what had to done. I would and do recommend Robert to all my friends and family.


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A father that wants to take an active full time roll in raising his child!!!

Robert Montefusco fought for me & my beliefs. In a court that almost always sides with a mother–he was able to present my case and get me a very favorable parenting schedule. As a father (and not my first time as a parent), I wanted to take a very active role in raising my child. Robert was a realist-he was able to truthfully show the court that I was a very able, willing and capable of parenting my child more than the usual court arrangements. I have my child 5 days 1 week and 3 days the opposite which is a great arrangement. Thank you


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Great Divorce

Robert did a great job on finalizing my divorce with a very difficult X Wife. His knowledge was spot on! Robert did everything in his power to insure the best come for me, my kids and my future. Thanks


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Highly Recommended

Mr Montefusco and his assistant were and continue to be excellent. They have the ability to take the complexities of divorce and all of the legal jargon and make it all manageable. They are wonderfully patient during difficult times and have always guided me in a helpful manner. Mr Montefusco has the right amount of pitbull in him and uses it when the opportunity requires. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done during the agreement and trial process.


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